Commit 2B Fit School Program

Commit 2B Fit Student Planner sample pages

The Commit 2B Fit School Program is a comprehensive educational program that teaches children the basics of sound nutrition and the importance of regular physical activity. Through small daily lessons that are both cumulative and reinforcing, Commit 2B Fit aims to instill in children a pattern of behavior that can lead to a lifetime of wellness.

The core component of the program is the Commit 2B Fit Wellness Planner, a customized academic planner with a complete nutrition and fitness curriculum. As students plan their academic day, they also use a dedicated area to plan and journal their healthy nutrition choices and physical activity take a look inside the planner»

The planner is first and foremost a teaching tool. Over the course of the school year, kids develop a basic nutrition vocabulary (carbs, protein, fiber, salt, etc.), learn to read food labels and acquire a working knowledge of a well-rounded diet. The program also motivates kids to play actively every day and lays the foundation for successful goal setting. Teachers provide daily oversight, integrate Commit 2B Fit lesson plans and monitor students’ goal setting and tracking.

Secondary benefits of the program include a course in goal setting and follow-through, a primer on the basics of physical and oral hygiene, a reinforcement of socializing skills (sharing, fair play, etc.), and a tool that reinforces the importance of academic study.

The Commit 2B Fit Planner is a communication tool between teachers, students and parents. Academic subjects reside side-by-side with nutrition and activity assignments, making it very easy for teachers and parents to review the incremental progress of all three components. In addition, this placement sends the message to children that nutrition and physical activity are important.

The program is motivational and incentive based. It begins when participating students pledge to COMMIT 2B FIT and receive a charm necklace as an initial reward. It creates a sense of accountability and personal responsibility. Teachers report that charms and other incentives are an integral component of the program and a prime motivator for students.

Most importantly, Commit 2B Fit works. An independent, three-year study of the Commit 2B Fit program published a peer-reviewed report that stated: “This may very well be the ‘Solution’ program. The first years of Commit 2B Fit have shown that it is possible to create change in our students and their families.” Click here for more info»

Commit 2B Fit® works for teachers and schools because it offers a comprehensive solution without adding to the responsibilities of teachers and administrators. That’s because the program is folded into the school day and already-occurring activities. Administrators and teachers alike have praised the simplicity and effectiveness of the program. In addition, Commit 2B Fit® aligns with the Federal Wellness Policy Guidelines. Click here for more info»

Commit 2B Fit works for parents because it teaches their children indispensable wellness lessons that can be easily adopted in the home. The guardian(s) of each Commit 2B Fit student receive a Parent Supplement that explains the program and outlines easy steps for parental involvement and encouragement. Parents can get even more involved by obtaining the Commit 2B Fit Adult Journal and mirroring their child’s Commit 2B Fit Wellness Program.

Commit 2B Fit works for kids because it teaches them the basics of nutrition and overall wellness in a fun, easy and unobtrusive way. The “drip method” of teaching never feels like formal learning, but the cumulative effect of the skills and knowledge gained can literally be life changing. In this way, the program exemplifies the Commit 2B Fit motto that Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference!