After School & Summer Camp Programs

After School & Summer Program Planner

Commit 2B Fit® offers an after-school / summer camp program for children. It can be used as a stand-alone or in conjunction with the Commit 2B Fit® school-based program. Commit 2B Fit® complements and can enhance programs already in progress.

The Commit 2B Fit® Youth Journal is a nine-week journal that helps children set goals and track nutrition and activity. It is packed full of educational tips and information about physical activity and nutrition. The journal acts as a daily reminder for children to think about the amount of activity they are getting. And, it helps them keep track of how many fruits and veggies they’ve eaten and any other smart nutrition choices they make. This daily reinforcement helps create healthy habits that can lead to a longer, healthier life.

The Commit 2B Fit® Youth Journal helps students understand the relevance of the daily physical activity and healthy food provided at your after school / summer camp program. It creates a “total package” that will be meaningful for your children and will carry over long after they have left your program.

Keep your kids excited, enthusiastic and energized, by pledging to Commit 2B Fit®.