Best Practices

The Commit 2B Fit® Program has been evaluated annually for the past three years by Dr. Valerie George, PhD, Research Associate Professor at Florida
International University. The results have been extremely positive and show that Commit 2B Fit® is making a difference!

Evaluation Results from 2007-2008

Teachers At– A–Glance

  • 80% of teachers reported that they believed having nutrition and activity goals logged in the Commit 2B Fit® planner motivated students to eat more fruits and vegetables and increase their activity.
  • 75% of the teachers reported that they were making healthier food choices as a result of their involvement with the program.
  • 97% reported that goal setting helped increase physical activity and nutrition.

Kids At–A–Glance

  • 74% of the students reported that they changed they way they eat and increased physical activity because of Commit 2B Fit®.
  • 77% reported that logging their fruits and vegetables and activity helped them remember to eat more fruits and vegetables and increase activity.

Parents At-A-Glance

  • 79% of parents reported that Commit 2B Fit® helped their family think about healthier food choices.
  • 61% of parents report that Commit 2B Fit® helped their children to be more active.

Commit 2B Fit® includes constructs from a number of theoretical models:

  • Social Cognitive Theory (role modeling and new skill demonstration and practice)
  • Behavior Modification (using incentives and reinforcements)
  • Ecological Perspective (health behavior can be affected by or induce an affect at multiple levels -i.e., intrapersonal, interpersonal, institutional or organizational, community, policy)
  • Diffusion of Innovation (adoption of new concepts or practice through various communication channels over time)
  • Transtheoretical Model of Change (consciousness raising-dissemination of information, contingency management)