Why Commit 2B Fit?

Commit 2B Fit is a proven program in the battle against childhood obesity.

  1. From a kids’ perspective, Commit 2B Fit is a fun way to learn about eating right and to receive rewards for regular physical activity.
  2. For parents, Commit 2B Fit gives their children valuable life skills that often make a positive impact on lifestyles at home.
  3. For schools, Commit 2B Fit is an invaluable teaching tool that is easy to implement and does not stretch their already thinning resources.
  4. Most importantly, Commit 2B Fit works.The results of an independent, four-year study of the Commit 2B Fit program were published in a peer-reviewed article that affirmed the program’s effectiveness in battling childhood obesity.  “This may very well be the ‘Solution’ program. The first years of Commit 2B Fit have shown that it is possible to create change in our students and their families…”  Dr. Valerie George

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