Commit 2B Fit provides a solution for childhood obesity by delivering programs that effect positive and healthy behavioral change in children and families.

Dolphins Day at School

About Commit 2B Fit

Commit 2B Fit is a non-profit organization that raises funds to produce and implement programs designed to help children and families adopt habits for a lifetime of wellness.

Commit 2B Fit’s core program is a school-based initiative that targets elementary-school children who are just beginning to develop attitudes and habits regarding nutrition, exercise and goal setting. Participating students use the Commit 2B Fit program daily during the entire academic year. Kids receive additional reinforcement through community collaborations and ongoing messaging to promote parent awareness and involvement.

Commit 2B Fit delivers this comprehensive program at a reduced cost to schools, including underserved schools, whose students are hardest hit by the obesity epidemic. In the 2011-12 academic year, Commit 2B Fit is serving 75,000 elementary students.


Dol-Fit Day